Standing Behind

There was a train station. Some people came and went away by their train, some people waved their hands to those who went away. Some stood still while shouting their last greetings and some stood in silent while waving their hands.

There were some who went ahead on red carpet under small gateway. There were also some who stood beside the red carpet while clapping their hands. There were some who stood behind people who were in front, and kept their mouth shut.

Some people loved Love is the Air and some loved Night played by piano. Some listened to the music while running, holding hands, dancing, or embracing each other company in a party. Some played the music itself in theater and became rich and famous. Some started the music inside their heads and began to withdraw from reality.

Expression shows everything, including lies. Some would agree and be honest with themselves. Some would disagree and began to mimic some weird expressions. Some would neither agree nor disagree while displaying nothing on their emotionless face.

What a robot. Born as human but lived as a machine.



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