Requiem aeternam Requiem aeternam dona eis. I thought requiescat in pace can also mean rest in peace with forever indirectly meaning since Ezio said this when honoring the dead. Latin is surely interesting.

Rain Op – Doubt

The tower was near. A friend was reported to have an accident which I wasn't aware of. He was fine when saying good bye to me at the airport. I remember him bringing a grey travel bag and a backpack. He said he was going abroad for no more than a week. I knew his … Continue reading Rain Op – Doubt


Not all who wander is lost, Ja? Nope. So, what are you? Wandering or lost? Neither. And what are you exactly? Playing dead? Or actually dead? I don't know. Stupid words between friends.

Three Places

Three Places. Such as they are, Poland, France, and Russia. In Poland is Auschwitz, one of many World War II death camp established by The Third Reich. Along with Auschwitz, there are Treblinka, Sobibor, and the others. In France is Oradour-sur-Glane, one of many silent witness of terrifying massacre done also by the same … Continue reading Three Places


He had never thought that leaving this whole humanity would be that easy. Some people around him whispered solemn oaths while the other got lost in echo of silence. His eyes gazed upon the sky, cloudless one. Sun rays hammered the soil effortlessly and the breeze blew his hair gently. He laid on bare soil covered … Continue reading Lightweight