He had never thought that leaving this whole humanity would be that easy. Some people around him whispered solemn oaths while the other got lost in echo of silence. His eyes gazed upon the sky, cloudless one. Sun rays hammered the soil effortlessly and the breeze blew his hair gently. He laid on bare soil covered with brown grass. Rain had not poured for quite sometime then. Around him were figures clad in black chanting something in language he did not recognize. His body became lighter and his sense became even more relaxed.

His memory went back when he was a little kid running around the village. During the rain, he walked around the park while imitating the sound of luftwaffe shooting mustang above the clouds. His mother often scolded him for being reckless. He seemed to be a young and healthy boy at his age. His father smiled seeing his only son being cheerful.

Time however proved to be the villain as he stole away the boy’s teenage years. He was then drafted as a pilot of a Fokker D.VII while dreaming to be a public servant working behind table. He did, in fact, achieved his dream but with one slight difference: he worked behind parabellums. He expected to wear a suit and became the most fashionable man and he was. Flying suit wouldn’t be that bad for ladies below, he thought.

Several tours above the sky made him wonder if he did what necessary. The clouds were bright, beautiful, and white. He often flew together with migrating birds. White carpet was there to welcome him to the new kingdom where the citizen were those with wings. There he thought that he had seen the heaven.

He was then sitting against a boulder, a big one. It was only natural if he saw the same heaven from below again that day. His right hand reached the sky and grabbed some of its blue. The cloud was not there and he missed the sound of those birds. He missed the gentle breeze above the sky and the glory he was bestowed while visiting the kingdom above. He then wondered if he could get up there once again but a moment later he realized it did not matter. He had stopped being worried.


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