Rain Op – An End

He packed his bag in the morning. He had just got here yesterday. His wounds were mostly healed but they left him several scars. He checked if there was anything left behind before heading to the airport. He chose CDG for his departure. I didn’t know his airline. It was still early morning actually and my eyes were still adjusting.

The oldman was kind enough to let me stay at his property. The tower was so beautiful from here, even more beautiful if you saw from the roof with his mix. He brewed the best coffee I had ever tasted. I still had several things to attend before going home but this kid seemed finished.

Passport, tickets, coat, notebooks, pens, … He mentioned his belongings as he packed them into small suitcase. His backpack was ready. It was medium size fit for his laptops and some light books for long journey. It’s a shame that bringing a liter of fine brew is not allowed on cabin. It would make a good company during quiet night.

He was also ready and properly dressed. He actually wore the same attire as he had when arriving in this town. His wristwatch was new, however. The old one was broken during the night raid in which he fell and later was hospitalized. If I wasn’t mistaken, the old one had brown strap and polished steel bezel. The dial was white and the hands were black. His new one, I believed, was crafted by the same master. I recognized some of his work, steel bezel with arabic numeric but with black dial and green hands. That watch should have military standard.

You’re early. The coffee hasn’t been prepared yet. The master is already up, though. Said he needed time to prepare a proper breakfast. Early breakfast. I startled him. You really need a good spotter. It’s just best practice, you know. He looked at me in silence. Behind him was a long and slim suitcase. His best buddy. I supposed that was a high caliber arsenal. There was a good smith in town and I figured he had his rifle maintained at the smith’s shop before arriving here. But, I still couldn’t believe you would spend your holiday in a journey like this. We never expected the raid would come this soon. We expected it soon but not this soon. Sorry, kid. Rest assured, we’ve got this town. We’ll holler at you if we’re dead.

A moment later the master entered the room and with him a set of breakfast. This was a his shop after all. We gathered around the table and started to eat. There were some scrambled eggs, steaks, some fresh vegetables, a loaf of bread, chocolate, and strawberry jam. The coffee was ready, not fancy ones, but the classic; black, made from fresh grounded beans with no sugar boiled together with water.

I prepared the coffee last night. I know the kid would set off soon after out from hospital. Back in your home, you brew your coffee this way, Ja? The master answered to kid’s and my wondering face for the coffee, without turning his face to either of us. The consistency might be lower than usual but it’s light. Suitable for your breakfast. So the master knew the kid’s hometown. After breakfast, he proceed to the coffee table and came back with three glasses. We drank in silence while the sun began to rise. The rain hadn’t stopped yet. It was still showering the town gently.

The plane is in two hours. I would take my leave now. Thank you for everything, master, brother. The kid stood up and asked for leave. We shook our hands. Master and I escorted him to nearest bus station. With him were three bags: a backpack, a small suitcase, and a long one with his arsenal, his buddy. A new scope. It has better power that what you currently have. Might come useful in your future journey. It’s yours, Kid.

After saying good bye, he set of with the bus. We waved at him until the bus out of our sight.Then we walked to the shop. You’re really out of time, aren’t you Master? The rule just doesn’t apply to you. He smiled at me. His demeanor was light, calm, and composed. I thought you come to me to learn how to make a coffee before another journey? Master said. I nodded. His eerie personal as if he didn’t belong to this world still haunted me and yet it didn’t make you intimidated at all. I wondered how my grandfather could meet this man. And his eerie aura just became even more real when we got home.

There might some months before my next assignment. Before that, the kid might have been arrived at his home for long or might have been in another city under another rain. I would be here learning his recipe from war time and peace, thought that could help me calming people in chaotic situation. His mastery would cost me years just to take the basics. But I wished in months I could cover them. Let the training begin.


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