Move Into Light

That is the title. I’m serious. This song is a god match for you if you want to dance around. I found this song from a trance compilation randomly on YouTube.

I love the video, by the way, and I found the lyrics from here. Enjoy.

We are, all that remains,
Of a world in chaos broken by change,
We are light in the dark,
Calling out for something to spark…

And we’ll hide in the graphite,
Deep inside the earth,
And wait for the fires to start,
In your eyes…


Importance of Journal

Tech world is ever changing, evolving into sometime completely different things. This is madness. How could someone catch up to almost everything?

Once you did good with Eclipse and Android plugin to do some stuff with your phones. Everything went smoothly until the cross platform framework such as Phonegap came down from heaven. Even better, Google created material design and decided to stop its support for Eclipse and changed it IDE to IntelliJ-based Android Studio. Not only that, Xamarin, React, Angular, and more of web tech are coming to mobile platform. Talk to me, iPhone developers.

Web developement is also ever changing. First yo did with simple static HTML. Later you decided to beautify your work with CSS and Javascript. Then you learned Flash and embedded your animation to your website. Not tow years ago, major web development-related company suggested that they would phase out Flash and use HTML5 instead. What a movement. Don’t even start with CMS or frameworks or libraries. They are just many of them for many needs.

That is one software development. You do realize you have more than one interest, ja? Wie ist deine Sprache?

Seriously, you need to document, to write what you’ve learned so far, your never ending journey in following, learning, understanding, developing, and maintaining those materials you read and learn from. Otherwise, you would soon forget how to do this and that in time of need.

Thus, journal page is about to be born.

Disfigured Honesty

In a session between a man and a boy. The boy asked and the man answered.














Cowboy gun.






A pair.



I think our session together is finished, Mr. O. You can come again next week. Thank you. Said the boy. They drank a cup of tea made of thin air and shook hands. Then they later go to play soccer, or football, outside the house, at the park nearby.