Never Too Far I don't know if I have posted this here. The video gives a mixed culture, middle age impression. I like it.

Interested Cat

Your activity interests me, Hooman.


Maybe, routine is there because nothing else is there. You get up in the morning because you have to go in the morning. Not long ago you were so exited to wake up early because there was something of your interest that required extra time. Now you walk out the door with plain face. You … Continue reading Routine

Blue Cover

Did you remember the time we first met? I didn't but some said that we met on an occasion held by government body. There was a banquet held in a prominent hotel in the capital. The days were calm and relaxing. We met inside my suite. There were your friends competing each other who's going … Continue reading Blue Cover

Today’s Song : A Little Too Not Over You by David Achuleta P.S. This doesn't mean I got endorsement about this thing.



Preparing the Script

How cool is that when not your daily people watch you typing in a console or command prompt to do something even if it fails? $ npm start It failed and I realized that I had no node_modules folder inside my working directory. Then I proceed to do npm install and saw some packages got … Continue reading Preparing the Script


It was afternoon. I made a promise to meet some people. We would meet at city park. Afternoon during fall wouldn't make a nice company. Temperature would decrease rapidly and you would begin to crave warmth from some hot drinks. Before that happened however, I had ordered my coffee brew and I waited them to … Continue reading Bestfriends


You're late again. I know. What are you doing here, anyway? I thought I was helping people. Are you sure? Isn't that just you looking for distraction? I work. Surely it isn't the thing I have always wanted but somehow I'll make it work. You're bleeding and you ignore it. Then what would you have … Continue reading Monologue


We came to campus in different time, different era. But again, the time let our path intertwined once more. From what remained, we arrived at the south entrance and we walked along the rear street behind the laboratory. I looked at my watch and didn't think the rift would last longer. We'd got to hurry … Continue reading Waiting