Going Back To Linux

I don’t mean to brag about it. It’s been years since I used this kind of OS. Come to think about it, it was Fedora for my first time using Linux. It was during college. It was horrible and foreign. Later I walked around several distributions such as Ubuntu because of its popularity, Mint because it was light when I tried, and openSUSE because of its beauty. There was a UNIX, FreeBSD that I tried but to no avail.

After that, it came to Fedora again. Together we had both fun and sadness during college. And now it’s the time for us to embark on new journey with both fun and sadness, again. When this post was being composed, I was preparing my environment for several classic utilities such as Git, Chromium, Firefox, and JDK. I always find discomfort in Fedora fonts of choice. I like Ubuntu’s better. But again, first impression always brings me back here on the blue.


That’s all for now. Good Day.


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