We came to campus in different time, different era. But again, the time let our path intertwined once more. From what remained, we arrived at the south entrance and we walked along the rear street behind the laboratory.

I looked at my watch and didn’t think the rift would last longer. We’d got to hurry before it closed. So, instead of taking the usual route, I decided to cut through the ruined building.

Hey, would you tell me why are we taking this route, again?

Because this is the fastest one. My designated rift is outside this complex, at the corner. Yours should be just ahead in the east.


So, your student association is right there, isn’t it? That if we face north, it should be on our right side.

You giggled and began to talk that you were confused with the place. The complex was once a place where we walked together before time dispatched us to different points. How would you even be confused? Five years wasn’t short period of time, I believe.

A moment later you found yourself descending the stairs to student association and I walked on mine to exit the complex. The tower was just ahead. It was one of the tallest building in the area. Sky had gone dark in those days. Sometimes alarm woke people up and made them run to nearest shelter.

The tower was forty levels high and had both passenger lifts and emergency stairs. The building was empty since the tenants had been ordered to stay away from high structures. Most people had also warned vacant theirs and moved somewhere. I don’t know. The electrical system had been disabled. Lifts were rusty and stairs crumbled. I had to make my way around the interior ruins to top floor.

The top floor was dusty. There wasn’t much of its furniture left. I had to make do with anything that remained. There were old table. It looked unstable, uneven. There wasn’t any chair so I had to move some bricks around. It seemed the top floor was the place to store material surplus when building the tower.

Every entrance from outside had been blocked either by its ruins or furniture. I also sprang some wires to notify me should anyone come. The table was ready and so-called chair was prepared. I opened my backpack and began to assemble my kits. Don’t worry. I also triple checked my setup that it was silenced. Surely I didn’t want anyone to know my position. I opened my scope and started to scan the area in front of me while waiting a few friends to come and join me in this endeavor.

That smile again. I hate that smile. Makes me wonder to ancient time when the should-be-impossible happened. Why did it have to happened, anyway? Didn’t bring any fond memory, just being a burden. Tell me, why I have to escort her again? Isn’t that guy more suitable and able? Wasn’t it that guy who came to her gently and firmly? Why wasn’t it that guy who’s sitting here instead of me? Why does these eyes still have to watch over?

It had been more than ten years and the ghost still lingered. Then I had to endure long hours of staying still and vigilant again. And I had to wait until another right appeared to get home. Not sure when it would appear again. I hated it.