Preparing the Script

How cool is that when not your daily people watch you typing in a console or command prompt to do something even if it fails?

$ npm start

It failed and I realized that I had no node_modules folder inside my working directory. Then I proceed to do npm install and saw some packages got downloaded.

$ npm start

It failed again. After several minutes of browsing around, (Yes, I’m a newbie in npm and its friends. I don’t even understand what Node.js is really for) I found that I was missing react scripts component. So, I typed in.

$ npm install -g react-scripts

It went nicely but only until I started the application again. So, I googled around to see if there was anything. Before that, I remove the node_modules folder first. Then I realized that I shouldn’t have typed -g.

After removing the modules folder, I downloaded again the necessary packages and started the application. It went nicely this time but it wasn’t cool.


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