Blue Cover

Did you remember the time we first met? I didn’t but some said that we met on an occasion held by government body. There was a banquet held in a prominent hotel in the capital. The days were calm and relaxing. We met inside my suite. There were your friends competing each other who’s going to get the main bed. You came with you daily black attire while I wore my casual outfit. Were we going to attend coffee break? I certainly hoped so. It would make a great memory. If we weren’t, that’s still something worth remembering for. We didn’t talk much, did we?

I remembered the place you asked me to meet you. Some said by the pond. I thought I ran long enough to find myself out of breath. It was the pillar by the pond and you weren’t there. It was noon and suddenly you popped out of nowhere behind me. Hey! That was your usual catchphrase. How could I forget? Later we proceeded to counselor office at far east of the complex. I had always admired your way to find things.

Did we talk about the past where we came from? About the song we had sung together? Regale the stories about us meeting during our daily business? Recall the steps we had made until then? I was surprised when you still remembered all of that. I couldn’t even tell you your number which I used to call you.

In that office you argued with me about the name I used to call you. You had always reminded me to call you by your nick name. However, I found that using your formal name was so much lighter. I liked the way you responded if I called you that way. The smile of yours was astonishing. It was rare and still I couldn’t comprehend the meaning even now.

The day we parted our ways was the day I remember so fondly. It was during spring that we met again after away for a long time. I remember I texted you just to see if you were in the same building as I was. Rumour had it that you were already with someone. Therefore, I wouldn’t count my chances. You met me anyway under the banner of graduation. You told me that you had a flower to spare. I was wearing black jacket while you were wearing pink long sleeves shirt.

You’re here with her?

I wasn’t surprised with you being you. There was a flower in your arms. Your usual smile surely made me careless just like many times before. A moment later you handed me that flower while I was standing arranging words to say.

Here. Your flower.

You’re here with him?

You just smiled. We stood looking at each other for the last time. I didn’t get any answer straight from you but I just knew the answer. Just like you knew mine even though it was almost like we had agreement not to talk about anything. I walked you out to your crowd where you instantly blended in. Your presence was vanished, gone leaving withering rose in my hand. The rain was heavy that day.

I remember how you told me to get you before anybody else. However, we walked the different path. It was so different what merging the two together would only diminish each other. That’s not the way I would like you to experience, to walk upon.

There was a reference book with which you hit me in the back. I still remember you laughing while being angry with me because I was leaving you behind. The cover now isn’t that bright blue anymore. The blue has been blurred by time. However, your signature is still there; that signature that I wished I knew it sooner.


Today’s Song : A Little Too Not Over You by David Achuleta

P.S. This doesn’t mean I got endorsement about this thing.