Red Dot

I've always wondered how easy human and their emotions change and get manipulated. I still remember those times I gathered around the campfire just to see my old self. You know what, I feel pity towards him. His understanding is minimum and that's why he looked sad and confused. Well, I'm that different from him … Continue reading Red Dot


Maybe, he didn't walk the wrong path. He just walked the path wrongly. Given his background, wouldn't it be better if he just hones his current abilities instead of pursuing different ideas? Yes, I understand his condition and situation. I'm fully aware his interests but wouldn't it be more suitable to him if he just … Continue reading Mastery

See You Soon Brings me back a bit. This is the song I used to tease my friend because of his interest in jazz. Well, I also like jazz a little. The lyrics, somehow, represents his romance with his classmate which the whole class knew. He would make annoyed expression if I talk about this song. So, … Continue reading See You Soon


The city has begun to cool herself again. The morning is greeted with shower and noon is always accompanied with calming breeze. The night sings her song very well to walk people out from their desk to bed and rest. A cup of tea, or coffee, would make a good companion. A smooth jazz and … Continue reading Warmth


Choose one. If you can't, don't choose at all. Be clear and precise. How would one choose anything on his behest? He knows the consequences and has already calculated the risk. Would he take it? As far the story goes, he doesn't. He lets anything in the middle. He keeps his options available but not … Continue reading Present