Choose one. If you can’t, don’t choose at all. Be clear and precise.

How would one choose anything on his behest? He knows the consequences and has already calculated the risk. Would he take it?

As far the story goes, he doesn’t. He lets anything in the middle. He keeps his options available but not for long time. He scraps them one scratch at a time until one day he realizes that his options are long gone as well as his plans.

And, what exactly does he think he is?

A statue, at most. Degraded by weather.

Let me get back to his past. What about his journey?

Delayed. His plane never takes off. Rusty are now his wings. Too much risks to fly again.

Where is he now?

Some says he is here while another one would claim otherwise. No one knows, really.

Okay, is he alive?

Always. If you have my senses, maybe, you can sense him. If not, you can learn how to sense him. Why did you ask that?

The story doesn’t add up. At one point you told me about him in certain background and not a moment later, you changed his home or where he worked.

His never adds up. What I’m telling you now is the only thing I know.

Did he make any choice or has he?

No. Such thing isn’t his luxury.


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