Maybe, he didn’t walk the wrong path. He just walked the path wrongly. Given his background, wouldn’t it be better if he just hones his current abilities instead of pursuing different ideas?

Yes, I understand his condition and situation. I’m fully aware his interests but wouldn’t it be more suitable to him if he just stays in his current path? I mean he already has had his training and there are things he can do about it. Why chase another considered-dead dream? If I count his attempts, years have been the witness, and he somehow has become Jack of All Trades. He could do things outside his domain fairly well if given chance but the chance is slim. Too slim to see.

Why not forge a single fully tempered steel and make a fine blade with it, instead of making thousand not-well-sharpened knives from random metal out of curiosity?


2 Replies to “Mastery”

  1. Maybe, because playing around is more exciting than being focus. Even if it is only for the sake of chasing and then getting bored for the new dream


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