Red Dot

I’ve always wondered how easy human and their emotions change and get manipulated. I still remember those times I gathered around the campfire just to see my old self. You know what, I feel pity towards him. His understanding is minimum and that’s why he looked sad and confused. Well, I’m that different from him but I do know that I can understand his burden. Don’t you think it’s a sign of improvement?

I suppose, yeah. Do you recall something?

Well, it’s just that I was thinking about years I have gone through. I thought it was hell but it turned out to be the best. I mean, I don’t what I would’ve become if the path was different, the route was different. It would’ve turned out to be, I don’t know. I don’t know even the slightest idea.

I wouldn’t really know. But which moment are you referring?

I thought I had to be first one to rise. I aimed for far, far away but leaving anything nearby to oblivion. Well, to my friends, family, colleagues, etc. Know what I mean? Now that I see things differently, I think my eyes are starting to notice things I can give, problems I can get involved to solve, or some people whom really need my help or support. How stupid I’ve been all this time.

Okay, I think you’re beginning to experience something called sleepy. Why don’t you get inside your tent over there and let me do the watch? I still have some coffee to drink.

Yep, I surely can use some sleep if that’s okay. Good night.


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