Sunday & Afternoon

Because Sunday afternoon should be a quiet moment of the day. For you to continue your work on the next day, you deserve a rest.

Homeroom Teacher

Is Homeroom teacher some who is responsible for nurturing the kids in the classroom? I thought so. It is one of many obligation of teacher and yet somehow it falls heavily to this particular kind of teacher. I still remember how he introduced himself at our first session. He told us his name, his origin, … Continue reading Homeroom Teacher

The Days This piece really brings me back.

The Scent

During a moment in the afternoon, your presence appeared once again. In our solemn private meeting, you stood before me. Our eyes met and our mind responded to each other. Your voice whispered to these ears, singing a memento mori of our long lost comrades. Once more you asked our resolution after our time together. … Continue reading The Scent


Currently, I'm thinking about replacing this.context.router.push('/some/path') with some other lines. The idea is this. Before the page is loaded, it checks if current user is already logged in or not. If it is then please proceed to render the page normally and if not then please go to homepage. The command for redirecting is either … Continue reading Redirection


Maybe, it is a moment when he met her. He felt spontaneously interested and yet calm. He understood that he saw her differently than the other female figures around him. At the same time, she saw him with the same eyes. She seemed enjoying his company while having conversation about the future. Maybe, it is … Continue reading Luck

Version Is Important

That's true. Different version of libraries can make the whole thing a lot easier. It happened to me and my teammate. We have been developing a sample application capable of presenting charts using NodeJS and ReactNative. At first, we just went our way and messing around with any libraries we found in the internet. Until … Continue reading Version Is Important

Love Exists Love is you. Because it has no reason.


Maybe, what you have been perceiving all along is wrong. Everything you have been sensing is just inside your head. All that you have done until now is based solely on baseless interpretation. So, instead of attending gathering about things you said you would happily contribute, why not watching the birds in the park? It … Continue reading Prejudice

False Life

False life is an interesting concept in which everything can be engineered from the ground from using happiness and chemistry as foundations, hopes as the pillars, and dreams as the roof. It's just simple. Instead of having those life just inside the head, sharing the same thing with some people will surely expand the possibilities. … Continue reading False Life