Descending Thunder

We talked a lot about the rain, didn’t we? Which area was getting showered lightly and which wasn’t?

I thought so but there was something more than that. Things I could never comprehend.

He turned his back to see the horizon. Someone had created a thunder clap. Something was getting closer. Lightning seemed to have a party at lower plains. The shower was getting heavier and it would surely disturb how well your eyes could see.

Do you see anything? The rain is obscuring my sight.

Maybe you should learn how to see without your eyes. And, yes. There is something. Thunder clap wouldn’t happened without someone making it. I’ll see you around. And, if you see that kid again, tell him go follow me, would you?

A second later he descended down the cliff to the hills and vanished.

Hey, Kid. He’s asking for you. Where have you been? Dead?

Sorry, dude. Stomach problem. You really can’t see anything, can you?

Quit joking. Of course I can. Why do you think I have already made a barrier even before you two showed up?

Yeah, yeah. Tell the village we love them, would you? Later.

And then the Kid also vanished. The rain was getting even heavier that you wouldn’t be able to see in five meters. The sound of thunder was deafening. It was louder than usual. Something was truly happening and he couldn’t sense anything completely. He wondered if the barrier was strong enough to hold such a massive atmospheric phenomenon.


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