False Life

False life is an interesting concept in which everything can be engineered from the ground from using happiness and chemistry as foundations, hopes as the pillars, and dreams as the roof. It’s just simple. Instead of having those life just inside the head, sharing the same thing with some people will surely expand the possibilities.

It’s only common that people who have already acquired the reality choose the dream. Because it’s full of possibilities and adventures thus more interesting to walk upon. The voice, mostly, says that lie isn’t a virtue but for some, the idea is really tempting. It creates a behaviour with which a man’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore and some people choose to embrace, if not totally, partially.

While the words are all about rejection, the gesture, however, is more clearly stating that should one be willing to live this lie, the other might just flinch and risk it together. (from here with several editing)

That, however, goes with a lot of consequences. Being in secret means having to cover lies with other lies. Keeping track all the lies one has created requires tremendous amount of brain works. It’s really hard. Do you really want those things that can only happen for a brief moment or are brave enough to face the reality full with hardships but everlasting memory and reward?



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