Maybe, it is a moment when he met her. He felt spontaneously interested and yet calm. He understood that he saw her differently than the other female figures around him. At the same time, she saw him with the same eyes. She seemed enjoying his company while having conversation about the future.

Maybe, it is the time when they graduated together. He picked her up at the station for rehearsal and she arrived too late. He put his annoyed face and yet in his heart there was only comfort by seeing her. She told him that she completely forgot about the schedule and apologized to him repeatedly while he pretended not to smile openly.

Maybe, it is the moment when he walked the carpet together with her at his side. The teaching staff asked them if they were a couple and suddenly no one could answer. Time flew too fast and then they had to go home.

Maybe, it is the time when he, at last, told her how he felt but with puzzling language. Not a moment later she replied that she also felt the same way and wondered if the story could go after graduation. He smiled while reading her message and also wondered if she could be the one he had been looking.

Maybe. He didn’t know. She didn’t know. It might be just coincidence that they met each other.

Maybe. It was all just luck.


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