Fifteen Seconds

Another year we had to follow separately has passed. Do you know of our bounds? We shared them together back when we’re still looking the same page, the same sky. Now I wonder where our gaze would be.

There was a time when you watched as the sky darkened. From above, during my first fall I saw you looking up. I was sure you heard the thunder clap. It was so deafening I wouldn’t be surprised if you had covered your ears and closed your eyes. Time had to stop sadly when I landed. I wonder if you would mind meeting again in such circumstances. Do you know the rain was unusually heavy? I had to run just after landing and was afraid should I slip over. That would make a fool of me, ja? Good thing was the time stopped.

Remember my old pal? The one who wore raincoat? You wouldn’t recognize him, obviously. Wearing a raincoat during downpour is a common thing to do. But if you saw the emblem, you might come to understanding that it was the same emblem you had seen on my jacket. He asked me if that figure closing and covering both eyes and ears was you while running beside me. I just nodded.

Fifteen seconds was how long the time had stopped. It was enough for us to cover a long distance, a distance you would laugh right away if I told you. Looking back at those times, I’m glad to leave you behind with those people with whom you are now. It’s safer and lively. The towering light from the ground you had seen earlier from your home was indeed not ordinary light. It was our duty to stop that light from appearing.

Ten seconds remaining and my wristwatch started to crack because of the pressure caused by our speed. My friend already jumped down to the valley from which the light came. I followed him with great attention to danger. The light was not meant to be there. It it was there, I wonder what would happen next.

Five seconds after jumping, the light began to fade out. Our task there was done silently. We jumped out the valley and stood on the edge. Not a moment later we were already standing before you while you still posing the same way. The sound of my wristwatch was heard again. It wasn’t designed to withstand such pressure.

He asked me what occasion it was and I told him it was our delayed annual reunion. He didn’t seem to believe me. After all we live in different fragment of both world and memory, he said. I shrugged him off and checked to see if my former classmates were around.

One second later we jumped to horizon and time moved again. I didn’t see you after that. I supposed our class was having intense conversation about how life had been going? I wouldn’t know. Tell me when the time comes, would you? The sky started to clear and the sunset was seen from a far. I wonder for once we might see the same thing when looking up to the sky.

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