To Kill A Routine

What would you do to do just that?

One. Get a bunch of sitcoms and start binge-watch them. Or,

Two. Set up a new keyboard, standard QWERTY one but with a hint of Russian character in it. Hey, have you forgotten that you are now slowly, unsteadily learning Russian? Or,

Three. Download a new OS distro or two (just one, s’il vous plait, otherwise you’ll get confused with grub configuration and everything) and install it on different hard drive. You have already installed the third SATA cable, why not begin the installation now? Or,

Four. Play video games just until your eyes tired and got bored of anything related to display and forced you to turn off any lamp you can reach. Or,

Five. Write this meaningless post.

That concludes this essay regarding how to kill a routine which apparently you just can’t. Happy Saturday’s Night, Folks.