When someone says genie, I instantly remember this.

Who would refuse this song?

Well, another also comes to mind. Remember big-blue genie from the lamp appearing on desert of some kind? If there are really three wishes, I always wonder what I would ask. At some point on my life, I have been pretty sure that I’ve known my desire, my long lasting ambition. But it also always changes. Sometimes I wanted to have everlasting wealth but then I also cherish everlasting health. Once I thought it would be nice if I had great intelligence but then I realized world is already messed up without me giving “contributing” trigger and impact. Then came another wish only to be countered with another one. Human is a personification of greed, lust, and pride. Three wishes won’t ever be enough. Or will they ever be? 

Where are you, Gene? I would love to have a word or two or three with you. How would you tell me about my wishes?

In response to Genie.


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