Assuming that our time frame is correct then we might proceed with our plan. Resource we required might have been, or should have been provided by third party. If the slots are limited, we might ask said party to inform us the available resource and ask them if we can regulate such resource to meet our needs. We might get a reasonable result.

We make our plan based on condition we are today and, sometimes, without consent of other people’s situation. It could be averted if we make a proper chitchat with proper listening and responding. Such harmony, however, can only be a dream if one decides to veto when one shouldn’t have to.

Hard-headed people are sometimes fun to argue because usually they have solid background study on their arguments. Sometimes they can also be pain in the a**e because they want everything their way without considering other’s consents.

Assumption sometimes doesn’t simplify things. It often makes things even more complex than they are supposed to be.

In response to Assumption.

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