Ruinous Atmosphere

Just like shattered mirror would show it’s cracks, broken self would also bear scars. Shattered mirror, even after you put the pieces together, won’t give you single perfect reflection but smaller images instead. Broken self might never be as same as the original but it has richer experience than before.

While ruinous atmosphere brings about discomfort and changes. But it has the eye on which you can sit and watch the whole thing from different perspective. That’s why the best spot of watching the storm is on the center, on the eye. To sit and watch how different gentle, harmless winds form a single chaotic current and brings about destruction, will there any better experience?

Instead of cursing the pieces, why not try forming them into single puzzle and see if it becomes something new. Not all broken things is broken. They might just begin to evolve into something more.

An attempt to respond to Broken.

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