In Terms on Learning Foreign Language

Even having interest and spare time to listen, read, and practice alone for a new foreign language, without talent apparent support, everything seems difficult. From new words, meanings, structures, usage, and pronunciation, things get even otherworldly complicated. Things only get even more complicated with foreign letters. It seems to be a child learning how to … Continue reading In Terms on Learning Foreign Language

BANG BANG BANG! PULL MY DEVIL TRIGGER! Devil May Cry's theme songs never cease to amaze me. You might look the music video by yourself. By the way, when will this game come out? BANG BANG BANG! PULL MY DEVIL TRIGGER!

Different Configuration

Have you ever wondered why, well of course you do. That's what you do for living anyway. You develop one prototype and deploy it on your specially configure machine. Once it's done and ready for audience, you carry out your prototype on another machine which you configure the same way with your private machine. Certain … Continue reading Different Configuration

Project Update

Sometimes it fixes many problem, sometimes it fixes some and creates some, and if you are not lucky, it creates a whole new set of problem. Compatibility issue is the most likely problem to happen. That's why people like to delay update and after too long you realize that your components are already far behind … Continue reading Project Update


Once you thought that you needed everything; Thick books, best-selling novels, complete colored pencils, big screen TV, and more. The older you get the fewer things you need. Even at work. Once I thought high-end machine would suffice my needs but then I realized it doesn't. One would gradually understand their needs and thus make … Continue reading Requirements

Fresh Ideas

Daily Prompts has become a place to which I come when inspiration runs dry and it has been dry since the beginning of this year. It's sad to see that no more new word published on the website to set me back on writing course. What they said on the website is true. You can … Continue reading Fresh Ideas