As someone who has tendency to overtake sugar in drinks, I think I have to pay more attention to what sugar might effect in the long run. I have since decreased my sugar intake, especially fructose. I have to admit that this sugar makes drinks and sweets are enjoyable especially after working out. But then, after carefully reading several articles written and published on the internet, I have to think about it.

After doing sports, such as jogging, swimming, one would feel exhausted because their energy level is low. This condition let them to feel the need to consume something. Sweets, either foods or drinks, logically could replenish the sugar content on the blood and thus refresh your energy. However, I have been thinking, how much sugar do I need just to refresh my energy?

My parents told me that two spoons worth of sugar is the maximum allowed sugar diet per day. That would mean that for a day, I can only consume two spoons of sugar. After that, I have to endure the bitterness of coffee and tea, which is hard at first but I have gotten used to it.

High sugar consumption would lead to insulin production and this process doesn’t happen in instant. I admit that consuming sugar creates a relaxing sensation afterwards which encourages me to consume some more. Later in my life I realized that such sensation was caused by insulin. The question then came to me. What if my insulin production doesn’t match with my sugar intake? Isn’t that diabetes?

Consuming complex sugar, instead of simple ones, has been proven better solution for me. Instead of taking a lot of sugar as a energy source, which only will be decreased by insulin after a moment, I take complex carbohydrates. I take this in moderate amount according to my activity in that day. I also have begun to reduce my sweet drinks consumption and drink more plain water instead. This has been proved to be effective daily diet.

I also found that high sugar intake could effect your mood. It means that high sugar consumption might cause mood swings. I found it to be acceptable since insulin production would cause relaxing sensation. High concentration of sugar could also kill certain microorganisms. It is common knowledge in my country to preserve foods, one could use salt or sugar or drying up the food. Using salt or sugar means using a huge amount of them to take the water out from microorganisms which later would kill them. Nothing could live without water. The same principle might be applicable inside our gut.

In conclusion, I would recommend people from their 20s to reduce their sugar intake and start to consume sufficient amount of complex sugar instead of simple ones. Complex sugar would be slowly digested according to your needs and thus would keep your blood sugar in check. Consuming enough plain water, instead of sweet drinks, would help you to concentrate during the day. It also helps with the digestion process.

Sugar intake and its relation to mental health.


Author: anwari

Bachelor in Informatics, Interested in Gaming, Language & Literature, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

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