The Days

Our days were numbered and yet somehow we made it worked together. We visited several places we had always wanted to and managed to have our time together. While we usually and casually denied what people said about us, or laughed about it, deep down we knew that they, for a fact, understood what we were.

Now that those days have gone, why not enjoy some warm drink for afternoon company while listening to some pieces?

Late response to Fact.

Late intro to Salad Days.


Blue Cover

Do you still remember the day we first met? Someone said that we met under national event during the banquet. Was it really a banquet? I could only remember a warm, nice cup of coffee and sat in a round table. I never recall your presence at the table.

Do you still remember the place at which you asked me to meet you on the afternoon? It was said that we met at the side of a pool. You were standing against stone pillar and later invited me to join you walking towards a building. We talked about the past we had experienced together. I was surprised that you still remembered everything in detail while I couldn’t still tell your number; the same number I used to call you.

It was in that building you filed a formal complaint to me because of how I called your name. Your name was so appealing that even hearing the name made me smile. I loved your expression when I called your name; an expression I couldn’t find anywhere else but you; a smile I couldn’t still comprehend.

Now if I look over my shoulder, bushes have overgrown the road we had shared together. Between the branches, several roses stand magnificently by their thorny stems.  Nature has reclaimed its respectable spaces and trees have established their roots deeply. Some of them are bearing fruits and on those leaves you can still see the morning dew. Then I recall your mysterious smile again, drawn on my notebook, before continuing my walk.

In response to Memory Menu


Once the mouse has run out of battery, just swap with a new one and usually it will start working right away. Sadly, the same thing couldn’t be said about people. Once they’re out of system, unpleasant chemical reaction begins. Head starts spinning and mind wanders aimlessly.

Replacement soldier never really replaces the fallen soldier. Emotional bond binds them together through the darkest times. Once it’s severed, new parts won’t just do, unlike those of machines. Replacements enriches existing connection with new ones but not repair the teared ones. Time will make peace eventually but some wound leaves permanent scars. A memento mori, if you will.

In response to Replacement

Fresh Ideas

Daily Prompts has become a place to which I come when inspiration runs dry and it has been dry since the beginning of this year. It’s sad to see that no more new word published on the website to set me back on writing course.

What they said on the website is true. You can always find inspirational word from the archive. it must have been huge to have catalogued prompts for so long. While it’s true that archive has contained a lot of word, life should have even more. While routine provide a canvas for you to draw, interaction gives you color with which you can color your canvas, make patterns, and realize that how peculiar your life is.

Maybe, the absence of Daily Prompt could, at least, force me to go around the road again; to encourage myself to get better gear, better reading list, and thus produce better writings. Be it imaginary or non-fiction, life is a realization between the two.

So long, partner. Thank you for having provided me fresh idea to write all this time.

Ruinous Atmosphere

Just like shattered mirror would show it’s cracks, broken self would also bear scars. Shattered mirror, even after you put the pieces together, won’t give you single perfect reflection but smaller images instead. Broken self might never be as same as the original but it has richer experience than before.

While ruinous atmosphere brings about discomfort and changes. But it has the eye on which you can sit and watch the whole thing from different perspective. That’s why the best spot of watching the storm is on the center, on the eye. To sit and watch how different gentle, harmless winds form a single chaotic current and brings about destruction, will there any better experience?

Instead of cursing the pieces, why not try forming them into single puzzle and see if it becomes something new. Not all broken things is broken. They might just begin to evolve into something more.

An attempt to respond to Broken.


When a book uses the word old, it might refer to something of the past we might still recognize from our memory. Be it from your grandparents, old memento of some honorable figures, or architecture at which you look and feel amazed by their age.

When a book uses the word ancient, it might refer to something even older, something of the past we know only from the remnants such as ruins, potteries, unrecognized languages without any speaker left, or some drawings on some distant caves.

But then when you said archaic, I always know that you refer to something in existence but have no proof as base to explain. I would love to define the word as it is written in our latest edition of dictionary. But somehow we picture it different.

I guess for us archaic refers to a certain time span in which civilization existed and thrived but now it is no longer here and we are clueless about its existence. Not because it has neither remnants nor ruins but because we are unable to tell it.

In response to Archaic.


Assuming that our time frame is correct then we might proceed with our plan. Resource we required might have been, or should have been provided by third party. If the slots are limited, we might ask said party to inform us the available resource and ask them if we can regulate such resource to meet our needs. We might get a reasonable result.

We make our plan based on condition we are today and, sometimes, without consent of other people’s situation. It could be averted if we make a proper chitchat with proper listening and responding. Such harmony, however, can only be a dream if one decides to veto when one shouldn’t have to.

Hard-headed people are sometimes fun to argue because usually they have solid background study on their arguments. Sometimes they can also be pain in the a**e because they want everything their way without considering other’s consents.

Assumption sometimes doesn’t simplify things. It often makes things even more complex than they are supposed to be.

In response to Assumption.