SLI : Between Needs and Desires

One question asked when buying a new card: why would you want to buy that one instead of another?

Let us just see. The main concern of SLI is either heavy workload or heaving gaming, which also implies heavy workload, which for those who play casually, won’t need something that fancy.

Another main concern is that of electricity bill. Multiple cards require more powerful PSU and 400 Watt won’t cut it. If using 1000 Watt could multiply your productivity and thus enable you to pay your bill, then go for it. If not, then why bother?

But of course it’s your money and you can anything about it. Why bother listening to what I’ve said?


Upgrade Path

Not so sure about choosing different talent path? If you are a gamer, you might have encounter this thing. The same thing goes to electronics, especially PC. There are at least two major platform to choose based on processor. Once you have chosen your desired platform according to your budget, necessity, and software compatibility, the you can browse around components from various manufactures.

After a moment you’ll realize that there are a lot. You start yourself with reviews, comparison, and budget. Tech advances so fast these days. One day you see an announcement of new processor, you’ll get another the next day. Your mind get confused of so many options. One day you decide to resort to one last bastion, which is Requirement.

Not everyone needs fancy machine but everyone needs a machine fit to their needs. From that point of view, you can decided which machine you want to build. After that, you remember the character you have made earlier in a particular game needs to be leveled up and you need to decide its proper talent. Things back to square one again, you say to yourself.



Devil May Cry’s theme songs never cease to amaze me. You might look the music video by yourself. By the way, when will this game come out?


New Entry on Gaming

It has been a consideration about writing another theme related to game. While primarily done Android smartphone, sometimes the pleasure is also carried out on PC. The games are casual and mostly free, such as Guild Wars 2 (Free Edition, of course), The Division (Basic without any expansion pack), and Skyforge. On smartphone, there are Alto’s Adventure and Cookie Run: OvenBreak. This leisure activity is neither on daily basis nor routine, only when the time is available, such as today. When people read new category, Game, what would they think? Is it about gaming peripherals such as exotic mouse with high DPI, or maxed out visual effect on certain AAA title? Or, is it a review on gaming hardware such as brand new GPU with its supposed to be powerful feature? The idea, which has been considered, was that of writing something casual, such as what game is in play and what interesting scenes are there.

Thus, new category is born.