The Division 2

I have got a digital copy of this game and been playing for thirteen hours or so. I think I have just found another "topic" to write here. I do feel interested in recording or streaming the game play and put them on YouTube just like other people. I still play the first game, The … Continue reading The Division 2


I've always thought that beastmaster is a cool character. Don't imagine beastmaster as in beastmaster in Teen Titans. No. Beastmaster is one who has befriended wild beasts, not tamed; one who lives on the wild, sleeps on earth with sky as roof. Always on the path, visiting town after town, and never settle are how … Continue reading Beastmaster

Odoo 10 Development – Dual Boot Vs. VM

After OSes are chosen, it comes to how you want to install it (them). There are two ways, by which you might install your OS: install it like you would in normal drive, or use VM (Virtual Machine). I chose the latter. Installing OS conventionally would require me to setup a portion of my storage … Continue reading Odoo 10 Development – Dual Boot Vs. VM

Tech Rant

Being formally educated and trained as engineer (well, software engineer is still an engineer, isn't it?) doesn't sound as awesome as it does. Career in this field doesn't always require you to have degree in computer science or related major to enter the IT-related workforce. Nowadays, even those who come from social science can do … Continue reading Tech Rant

Command Line Interface

The funny thing about command line interface, or CLI, is that most people I know tend to stay away of this and prefer using graphical user interface, or GUI, to do their job. There's no one to blame actually since today's GUI is so pretty and intuitive. That, however, makes me wonder of several points. … Continue reading Command Line Interface

Blue Cover

Do you still remember the day we first met? Someone said that we met under national event during the banquet. Was it really a banquet? I could only remember a warm, nice cup of coffee and sat in a round table. I never recall your presence at the table. Do you still remember the place … Continue reading Blue Cover


Once the mouse has run out of battery, just swap with a new one and usually it will start working right away. Sadly, the same thing couldn't be said about people. Once they're out of system, unpleasant chemical reaction begins. Head starts spinning and mind wanders aimlessly. Replacement soldier never really replaces the fallen soldier. … Continue reading Replacement

Invisibility Cloak

Remove your invisibility cloak and ask. The other person might be pleasantly surprised, and relieved. Why not?

Destiny When I'm weak I draw strength from you And when you're lost I know how to change your mood And when I'm down you breathe life over me Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny


As someone who has tendency to overtake sugar in drinks, I think I have to pay more attention to what sugar might effect in the long run. I have since decreased my sugar intake, especially fructose. I have to admit that this sugar makes drinks and sweets are enjoyable especially after working out. But then, … Continue reading Sugar