Tech Rant

Being formally educated and trained as engineer (well, software engineer is still an engineer, isn’t it?) doesn’t sound as awesome as it does. Career in this field doesn’t always require you to have degree in computer science or related major to enter the IT-related workforce. Nowadays, even those who come from social science can do pretty much everything. This makes me wondering whether I am still useful or not, or even worse, worth enough to be kept as an employee in some companies.

Basically, everything can be found online. Web development? You’ve got it. Mobile application? There are plenty tutorials out there. Game development? Pretty sure those who come from visual or graphic design school can make better and more interesting games than those software engineer. Can’t blame ya, those people’s visual works are dope. i.e. one of my former classmate, who has amazing natural drawing skill, has graduated from economic school and now is working as frontend developer for a seemed-to-be start-up company in town.

So, does a degree in IT seem nothing much now?

Honestly, I don’t find myself as someone passionate. While friends of mine are writing in tech articles, or working in unicorn start-up company, I still find myself reading Japanese history from Edo to Showa era while trying my best to focus on the book rather thinking about some unsolved problems written in some codes written by work colleagues who rarely pay attention to specification. Instead of presenting a tech talk in some extravagant stages in some prestigious country, I sit quietly in the corner of the room, any room, just to read some articles from Russia Beyond on my phone and pondering upon some food recipes and pronouncing difficult Russian words I don’t know.

This writing begs for a question, a sharp one to be exact. If it is I who doesn’t have talent, vision, passion, or even dream in IT world, then why bother writing this passage? Well, I, for one, love to write just about anything. So, why not ranting here?



Command Line Interface

The funny thing about command line interface, or CLI, is that most people I know tend to stay away of this and prefer using graphical user interface, or GUI, to do their job. There’s no one to blame actually since today’s GUI is so pretty and intuitive. That, however, makes me wonder of several points.

Working on laptop means limited computing and storage capacity. After years of funny experience of expanding memory and storage, I may have come to a conclusion that GUI takes space much more than CLI. The processing power required to operate GUI is also more than those of texts.

When you’re using Git, for example, using GUI such as Tortoise Git is a good idea. It allows to to basic stuff easily, such as commit, remove, pull, push, merge branch, even solving file conflicts. But then, I realize that I have to install Tortoise after installing Git. That makes up space.

The other example I have come across is of remote access. I usually use Putty. It makes thing simpler, of course. You can choose your desired server address on your already-saved list, your public key to get access, and so on. Using CLI could mean that you have to remember all those things and where you put them in filesystem.

So, in this era of storage abundance, do you still need to compress your GUI? Some might say yes but I prefer to say no. GUI makes things easier even though you still need to make some clicks and see loading screen instead of typing as fast as you can and see if you make a typo or two. CLI is still necessary, however. You still see that when accessing Linux servers. I haven’t found anyone who use Remote Desktop Connection in such servers. If that’s available, I would gladly give it a try.


Blue Cover

Do you still remember the day we first met? Someone said that we met under national event during the banquet. Was it really a banquet? I could only remember a warm, nice cup of coffee and sat in a round table. I never recall your presence at the table.

Do you still remember the place at which you asked me to meet you on the afternoon? It was said that we met at the side of a pool. You were standing against stone pillar and later invited me to join you walking towards a building. We talked about the past we had experienced together. I was surprised that you still remembered everything in detail while I couldn’t still tell your number; the same number I used to call you.

It was in that building you filed a formal complaint to me because of how I called your name. Your name was so appealing that even hearing the name made me smile. I loved your expression when I called your name; an expression I couldn’t find anywhere else but you; a smile I couldn’t still comprehend.

Now if I look over my shoulder, bushes have overgrown the road we had shared together. Between the branches, several roses stand magnificently by their thorny stems.  Nature has reclaimed its respectable spaces and trees have established their roots deeply. Some of them are bearing fruits and on those leaves you can still see the morning dew. Then I recall your mysterious smile again, drawn on my notebook, before continuing my walk.

In response to Memory Menu


Once the mouse has run out of battery, just swap with a new one and usually it will start working right away. Sadly, the same thing couldn’t be said about people. Once they’re out of system, unpleasant chemical reaction begins. Head starts spinning and mind wanders aimlessly.

Replacement soldier never really replaces the fallen soldier. Emotional bond binds them together through the darkest times. Once it’s severed, new parts won’t just do, unlike those of machines. Replacements enriches existing connection with new ones but not repair the teared ones. Time will make peace eventually but some wound leaves permanent scars. A memento mori, if you will.

In response to Replacement

Invisibility Cloak

Remove your invisibility cloak and ask. The other person might be pleasantly surprised, and relieved.

Why not?


When I’m weak I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down you breathe life over me
Even though we’re miles apart we are each other’s destiny


As someone who has tendency to overtake sugar in drinks, I think I have to pay more attention to what sugar might effect in the long run. I have since decreased my sugar intake, especially fructose. I have to admit that this sugar makes drinks and sweets are enjoyable especially after working out. But then, after carefully reading several articles written and published on the internet, I have to think about it.

After doing sports, such as jogging, swimming, one would feel exhausted because their energy level is low. This condition let them to feel the need to consume something. Sweets, either foods or drinks, logically could replenish the sugar content on the blood and thus refresh your energy. However, I have been thinking, how much sugar do I need just to refresh my energy?

My parents told me that two spoons worth of sugar is the maximum allowed sugar diet per day. That would mean that for a day, I can only consume two spoons of sugar. After that, I have to endure the bitterness of coffee and tea, which is hard at first but I have gotten used to it.

High sugar consumption would lead to insulin production and this process doesn’t happen in instant. I admit that consuming sugar creates a relaxing sensation afterwards which encourages me to consume some more. Later in my life I realized that such sensation was caused by insulin. The question then came to me. What if my insulin production doesn’t match with my sugar intake? Isn’t that diabetes?

Consuming complex sugar, instead of simple ones, has been proven better solution for me. Instead of taking a lot of sugar as a energy source, which only will be decreased by insulin after a moment, I take complex carbohydrates. I take this in moderate amount according to my activity in that day. I also have begun to reduce my sweet drinks consumption and drink more plain water instead. This has been proved to be effective daily diet.

I also found that high sugar intake could effect your mood. It means that high sugar consumption might cause mood swings. I found it to be acceptable since insulin production would cause relaxing sensation. High concentration of sugar could also kill certain microorganisms. It is common knowledge in my country to preserve foods, one could use salt or sugar or drying up the food. Using salt or sugar means using a huge amount of them to take the water out from microorganisms which later would kill them. Nothing could live without water. The same principle might be applicable inside our gut.

In conclusion, I would recommend people from their 20s to reduce their sugar intake and start to consume sufficient amount of complex sugar instead of simple ones. Complex sugar would be slowly digested according to your needs and thus would keep your blood sugar in check. Consuming enough plain water, instead of sweet drinks, would help you to concentrate during the day. It also helps with the digestion process.

Sugar intake and its relation to mental health.