Sunday & Afternoon

Because Sunday afternoon should be a quiet moment of the day. For you to continue your work on the next day, you deserve a rest.

Homeroom Teacher

Is Homeroom teacher some who is responsible for nurturing the kids in the classroom? I thought so. It is one of many obligation of teacher and yet somehow it falls heavily to this particular kind of teacher.

I still remember how he introduced himself at our first session. He told us his name, his origin, his degree, and his address, which was in unknown area to me at that moment. He had some sense of humor and some of them were not simple that they required you to think about it before saw yourself either laughing or wondering how they could be even funny.

His subject was Mathematics, a subject which was easy for a few folks and hard for some other ones. Somehow he made it easy for everyone. He had eyes that saw every one of us and he knew each of our weaknesses. Sort of. He could even understand a mess the students were about to make about  the subject and gave a proper way out. Well, this could be an overstatement but I thought of him that way.

He liked to make a competition during his session which sometimes rewarded us an earlier time to go home. He also scolded us if there was something unnecessary happened. I still remember one of my classmate was behaving inappropriate and now showing any kind of regret or remorse. He just quipped her. It was so sharp that she couldn’t present her argument. The same thing also happened to one of basketball team.

He had keen eyes which made us wonder if we could do any mischief without him knowing but even if we did, he usually didn’t step in until we crossed certain borders. That way we learned that we need to think deeply before we act, a behavior useful for our future.

It was March 22nd 2017 when he was relieved from his duty as a teacher. I would love to attend his farewell event but I was too late. I doubt anyone from my class would attend such thing. They have had a different life to live already. Guess I have to greet him personally later, when the time comes.

The Days

This piece really brings me back.

The Scent

During a moment in the afternoon, your presence appeared once again. In our solemn private meeting, you stood before me. Our eyes met and our mind responded to each other. Your voice whispered to these ears, singing a memento mori of our long lost comrades.

Once more you asked our resolution after our time together. Before us stood tombstones signed by those before us. The song haunts me everyday. It makes me realize that every breath I take, I owe it to those who sacrificed everything for us.

Behind us now are children of our future. They are playing happily together under gentle watch of their fathers. Their laughter is what makes us stay strong facing our collective yet different problems. Their future is what we are trying to prepare even with our lives. This, however, I believe you understand more than I do.

These eyes are turning red and later blind, only replaced by the other sharpened senses. These hands are becoming even sturdier and stronger. I miss the scent of fresh flower in the garden which we watered together with those little creatures as much as I miss our gathering. Time has decided for us different roles and we embrace them. As I close the book about our tale, as I count the remaining of our family, I pray that one day we may be together again, watching those kids grow up as we grow old.

The tombstones have been prepared. We only wait for our turn.

Always yours,


Maybe, it is a moment when he met her. He felt spontaneously interested and yet calm. He understood that he saw her differently than the other female figures around him. At the same time, she saw him with the same eyes. She seemed enjoying his company while having conversation about the future.

Maybe, it is the time when they graduated together. He picked her up at the station for rehearsal and she arrived too late. He put his annoyed face and yet in his heart there was only comfort by seeing her. She told him that she completely forgot about the schedule and apologized to him repeatedly while he pretended not to smile openly.

Maybe, it is the moment when he walked the carpet together with her at his side. The teaching staff asked them if they were a couple and suddenly no one could answer. Time flew too fast and then they had to go home.

Maybe, it is the time when he, at last, told her how he felt but with puzzling language. Not a moment later she replied that she also felt the same way and wondered if the story could go after graduation. He smiled while reading her message and also wondered if she could be the one he had been looking.

Maybe. He didn’t know. She didn’t know. It might be just coincidence that they met each other.

Maybe. It was all just luck.

Love Exists

Love is you. Because it has no reason.


Maybe, what you have been perceiving all along is wrong. Everything you have been sensing is just inside your head. All that you have done until now is based solely on baseless interpretation. So, instead of attending gathering about things you said you would happily contribute, why not watching the birds in the park? It might help you clear your head and distinguish which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

Wake up, Kid. You have missed all the fun.