Invisibility Cloak

Remove your invisibility cloak and ask. The other person might be pleasantly surprised, and relieved.

Why not?



When I’m weak I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down you breathe life over me
Even though we’re miles apart we are each other’s destiny

Beautiful Creature

Despite what we’ve been through, I know we are beautiful creature in our own ways.


Upgrade Path

Not so sure about choosing different talent path? If you are a gamer, you might have encounter this thing. The same thing goes to electronics, especially PC. There are at least two major platform to choose based on processor. Once you have chosen your desired platform according to your budget, necessity, and software compatibility, the you can browse around components from various manufactures.

After a moment you’ll realize that there are a lot. You start yourself with reviews, comparison, and budget. Tech advances so fast these days. One day you see an announcement of new processor, you’ll get another the next day. Your mind get confused of so many options. One day you decide to resort to one last bastion, which is Requirement.

Not everyone needs fancy machine but everyone needs a machine fit to their needs. From that point of view, you can decided which machine you want to build. After that, you remember the character you have made earlier in a particular game needs to be leveled up and you need to decide its proper talent. Things back to square one again, you say to yourself.



While focusing to big picture might set someone on right track and clear objective, something small might miss without careful attention. It’s so small that your eyes might overlook it for something else and yet it holds great and crucial role to the whole machinery.

The machine works fine but after long run, you feel something off the chart, not too much but still off. You know you miss something but you are also sure you have done well. Searching such small and yet fragile things is difficult because tinkering it wrong, the whole machine goes down. But if you do it right, your creation could function better.

Happy debugging, Everyone.

In Terms on Learning Foreign Language

Even having interest and spare time to listen, read, and practice alone for a new foreign language, without talent apparent support, everything seems difficult. From new words, meanings, structures, usage, and pronunciation, things get even otherworldly complicated.

Things only get even more complicated with foreign letters. It seems to be a child learning how to speak again. Tres Bien.

Different Configuration

Have you ever wondered why, well of course you do. That’s what you do for living anyway. You develop one prototype and deploy it on your specially configure machine. Once it’s done and ready for audience, you carry out your prototype on another machine which you configure the same way with your private machine. Certain thing goes wrong surely but it’s nothing because you know what to do.

Different case is that the prototype is now no longer prototype. It’s a working instance used for production set on online and real time machine. People are now interacting with your work and to put it on sleep is not an option. You are tasked to make a small changes and you do it assuming the work and environment on which you deploy are still the same.

Sadly, they are not and now you are screwed. The work you have done diligently is now working no more. You suspect of change in environment but after examining the machine, you are not so sure. You begin asking yourself if you have done something wrong.