Where Is the Binary?

There is one of many questions regarding how Linux works:

Where is the binary files stored in Linux?

There is a command we are all familiar to use, such as these.

$ sudo yum install <package name>
$ sudo apt-get install <package name>

When using sudo, is the application installed on currently active user only, or is it usable by other users as well? After looking around, the binary is found under /usr/share instead of /home.

I know this is stupid but as someone who rarely use Linux unless it is absolutely emergency, I couldn’t help it. It is revealed to me that if I want to configure my own environment, I have to create my own application folder structure. i.e. Application under /home/<username>/ and then later download every package I need and put them all on PATH. After that, I need to figure out how to make my PATH automatically set every time I start my computer. Seems a lot of work.


Casual Gaming Entry #1

Welcome to Lion’s Arch. It’s been a while since the city was last visited. Wonder what to do this time.

SLI : Between Needs and Desires

One question asked when buying a new card: why would you want to buy that one instead of another?

Let us just see. The main concern of SLI is either heavy workload or heaving gaming, which also implies heavy workload, which for those who play casually, won’t need something that fancy.

Another main concern is that of electricity bill. Multiple cards require more powerful PSU and 400 Watt won’t cut it. If using 1000 Watt could multiply your productivity and thus enable you to pay your bill, then go for it. If not, then why bother?

But of course it’s your money and you can anything about it. Why bother listening to what I’ve said?

Law of Motion

When experiencing changes, one must remember which basic law applied to the structure, such as below.

A static object with no net force acting on it remains at rest or if in movement it will maintain a constant velocity

The same thing may apply in social structure. i.e. One would expect to see the tendency of how things move inside the structure. A single mistake might sincerely abort the whole system altogether.

Since time immemorial certain group of people would gladly decide things without even a single concern of how the others behave and their idea of how things would benefit them. Then when things go south, who gets the blame?

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Let It Be Forever

It’s rare to find Russian song like this. In life, there is always one moment we wish to last forever. Because of that, the title Давай Навсегда can never be any clearer. Here I thought that bridge is just right. But, again, being temporary is the main reason why we are grateful of what we have today and why we treasure our experience.

Быть с тобой до конца,
Меньше слов, взгляд в глаза,
Мы хотим получить ответ,
Но его между нами нет,
Быть с тобой до конца,
Меньше слов, взгляд в глаза,
Чтоб из них ни одна слеза

Lyrics is provided on here. Enjoy.

Unexpected Journey

Some of great experience begin with unrefined plan. There will always be a plan but one realizes that the best plan is to let everything run on its course after one has done one’s part. Because there is no exact plan to do everything, one is required to be alert to surroundings. Journey could only begin with destination and sometimes great destination can only be found by being present.

One would never feel stranded on foreign destination because one would realize that people are all stranded in this world at certain context. Time is changing and people change without delay. Every time the watch ticks, one realizes that the moment has renewed itself making everything different than before. The same emotion won’t stay long and what is on the past could only live differently inside different head. Emotions would later translate into memories which would be later honored in distinguishable manner.

Emotion is born from sense and everything linked to emotion is bound to be remembered strongly. People, streets, markets, and parks are remarkable objects and the easiest way to preserve those is store their state in suitable medium. That would later make one decide if one would take pictures and just sit on nearby bench savoring the moment.

Once it ends, everything about it ends consequently. It leaves no trace but sequences written in one’s mind and those are bound to change over time. After a while, one would surely recognize if everything one remembers is based on reality and not fabricated occurrences. After that, decision is made that at most of times, let nothing told to public is better than telling everyone about the journey.


Blue Cover

Do you still remember the day we first met? Someone said that we met under national event during the banquet. Was it really a banquet? I could only remember a warm, nice cup of coffee and sat in a round table. I never recall your presence at the table.

Do you still remember the place at which you asked me to meet you on the afternoon? It was said that we met at the side of a pool. You were standing against stone pillar and later invited me to join you walking towards a building. We talked about the past we had experienced together. I was surprised that you still remembered everything in detail while I couldn’t still tell your number; the same number I used to call you.

It was in that building you filed a formal complaint to me because of how I called your name. Your name was so appealing that even hearing the name made me smile. I loved your expression when I called your name; an expression I couldn’t find anywhere else but you; a smile I couldn’t still comprehend.

Now if I look over my shoulder, bushes have overgrown the road we had shared together. Between the branches, several roses stand magnificently by their thorny stems.  Nature has reclaimed its respectable spaces and trees have established their roots deeply. Some of them are bearing fruits and on those leaves you can still see the morning dew. Then I recall your mysterious smile again, drawn on my notebook, before continuing my walk.

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