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Still lovely without leaves. How is that even possible?

Weekly Photo Challenge


Surely gardener would soon tend to the stairs. But before that happens, why don’t we capture the weeds?


Train Station

Is there no more train departing?


Little Lighthouse

Little Lighthouse

Back in my home, there is garden nearby. I usually visit the garden during morning jogging and take some pictures with me. This is one of them. I call it little lighthouse.

An attempt to answer to Local Weekly Challenge.


img_20160112_124333Lake; an attempt late for H2O weekly challenge.

Presidential Palace, A City Landmark

Presidential Palace and adjoining Botanical Garden, a landmark in a city where I was born, in black and white.

During my younger years, I often visited the garden for several occasion, including killing time. Some of photographs from junior high and high school were taken here. There was also a time when I was playing around during my father’s office holiday. It was an occasion where his colleagues and he held something in the garden. I wasn’t paying attention at all and ran around only to return if the lunch time had arrived.

It was all a good day.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgia.