Back to the Olden Days

Does that sound right? Anyway, this would refer to using good old Windows XP again after a while. Current hardware generation is normally not supported by Windows XP. For example, first Core i3 processor wasn’t supported by this operating system directly. Some said that one had to tweak some of the included drivers but since there is a software called virtual machine, why not give it a try?

How cool is that seeing that legendary background once again?

Next thing to do was software for work. There are drivers, tools, editor, and security application that might be necessary. Those, however, might need some adjustment. Several software might not support Windows XP any longer which means one should browse around several archives to find compatible version. But that’s a story for another day.

Good Day.


Telegram Is Timed Out

I wanted to try Telegram for Desktop. Sadly, it’s timed out. Well, not that sadly. I hardly use it on my phone.

Only by using VPN, Telegram might be accessed.

And, that’s a wrap. Good Day, People.


Currently, I’m thinking about replacing this.context.router.push('/some/path') with some other lines. The idea is this. Before the page is loaded, it checks if current user is already logged in or not. If it is then please proceed to render the page normally and if not then please go to homepage.

The command for redirecting is either this.context.router.push or this.context.router.transitionTo. This depends on library version. Unfortunately, I found yesterday that push couldn’t be used anymore and neither could transition be. So, what should I do?

Apparently, you could put window.location = '/some/path' inside componentWillMount. But I wonder if that’s a good idea.

Version Is Important

That’s true. Different version of libraries can make the whole thing a lot easier. It happened to me and my teammate.

We have been developing a sample application capable of presenting charts using NodeJS and ReactNative. At first, we just went our way and messing around with any libraries we found in the internet. Until one afternoon, my friend found a particular library that seemed promising. It is, though. That afternoon he tried the library and it worked just fine. He told me that we could go that way and finish our charting the next day. So I nodded and packed my bag and went home.

The morning arrived and I installed the libraries he had told me before. The name is react-native-pathjs-charts. After installing via terminal, I realized that the this thing was related to react-native-svg and not a moment later I also installed it. After that, I linked them. The instruction regarding how to set this up is available on the website.

$ npm install react-native-pathjs-charts --save
$ npm install react-native-svg --save
$ react-native link react-native-svg

After that, I got an error which wasn’t there when my friend tried the sample with it. After browsing around, I found that this issue had been found and posted on Github. It said that I needed to change some lines of code in a file because the package name had been changed. So I did. It didn’t work.

After an hour or two reading the website carefully, I realized that we might have different version of libraries. So I asked my friend which version he had used the day before. he didn’t know so he went back online and searched for possible version. After he gave me the numbers, I removed the existing libraries and re-installed them using their corresponding version.

$ npm remove react-native-pathjs-charts
$ npm remove react-native-svg

He said the version for svg was 5.1.3 and chart was 0.0.26. So I proceeded with the numbers.

$ npm install react-native-pathjs-charts@0.0.26 --save
$ npm install react-native-svg@5.1.3 --save
$ react-native link react-native-svg

I also cleared the cache, just in case. After that, I put back the sample charting code and run the project again.

$ react-native run-android

And it worked since I got the same result as my friend did the day before. After that we continued our work a bit more happier. Only a bit.

Preparing the Script

How cool is that when not your daily people watch you typing in a console or command prompt to do something even if it fails?

$ npm start

It failed and I realized that I had no node_modules folder inside my working directory. Then I proceed to do npm install and saw some packages got downloaded.

$ npm start

It failed again. After several minutes of browsing around, (Yes, I’m a newbie in npm and its friends. I don’t even understand what Node.js is really for) I found that I was missing react scripts component. So, I typed in.

$ npm install -g react-scripts

It went nicely but only until I started the application again. So, I googled around to see if there was anything. Before that, I remove the node_modules folder first. Then I realized that I shouldn’t have typed -g.

After removing the modules folder, I downloaded again the necessary packages and started the application. It went nicely this time but it wasn’t cool.

Going Back To Linux

I don’t mean to brag about it. It’s been years since I used this kind of OS. Come to think about it, it was Fedora for my first time using Linux. It was during college. It was horrible and foreign. Later I walked around several distributions such as Ubuntu because of its popularity, Mint because it was light when I tried, and openSUSE because of its beauty. There was a UNIX, FreeBSD that I tried but to no avail.

After that, it came to Fedora again. Together we had both fun and sadness during college. And now it’s the time for us to embark on new journey with both fun and sadness, again. When this post was being composed, I was preparing my environment for several classic utilities such as Git, Chromium, Firefox, and JDK. I always find discomfort in Fedora fonts of choice. I like Ubuntu’s better. But again, first impression always brings me back here on the blue.


That’s all for now. Good Day.

Importance of Journal

Tech world is ever changing, evolving into sometime completely different things. This is madness. How could someone catch up to almost everything?

Once you did good with Eclipse and Android plugin to do some stuff with your phones. Everything went smoothly until the cross platform framework such as Phonegap came down from heaven. Even better, Google created material design and decided to stop its support for Eclipse and changed it IDE to IntelliJ-based Android Studio. Not only that, Xamarin, React, Angular, and more of web tech are coming to mobile platform. Talk to me, iPhone developers.

Web developement is also ever changing. First yo did with simple static HTML. Later you decided to beautify your work with CSS and Javascript. Then you learned Flash and embedded your animation to your website. Not tow years ago, major web development-related company suggested that they would phase out Flash and use HTML5 instead. What a movement. Don’t even start with CMS or frameworks or libraries. They are just many of them for many needs.

That is one software development. You do realize you have more than one interest, ja? Wie ist deine Sprache?

Seriously, you need to document, to write what you’ve learned so far, your never ending journey in following, learning, understanding, developing, and maintaining those materials you read and learn from. Otherwise, you would soon forget how to do this and that in time of need.

Thus, journal page is about to be born.