Maybe, it is a moment when he met her. He felt spontaneously interested and yet calm. He understood that he saw her differently than the other female figures around him. At the same time, she saw him with the same eyes. She seemed enjoying his company while having conversation about the future.

Maybe, it is the time when they graduated together. He picked her up at the station for rehearsal and she arrived too late. He put his annoyed face and yet in his heart there was only comfort by seeing her. She told him that she completely forgot about the schedule and apologized to him repeatedly while he pretended not to smile openly.

Maybe, it is the moment when he walked the carpet together with her at his side. The teaching staff asked them if they were a couple and suddenly no one could answer. Time flew too fast and then they had to go home.

Maybe, it is the time when he, at last, told her how he felt but with puzzling language. Not a moment later she replied that she also felt the same way and wondered if the story could go after graduation. He smiled while reading her message and also wondered if she could be the one he had been looking.

Maybe. He didn’t know. She didn’t know. It might be just coincidence that they met each other.

Maybe. It was all just luck.

Version Is Important

That’s true. Different version of libraries can make the whole thing a lot easier. It happened to me and my teammate.

We have been developing a sample application capable of presenting charts using NodeJS and ReactNative. At first, we just went our way and messing around with any libraries we found in the internet. Until one afternoon, my friend found a particular library that seemed promising. It is, though. That afternoon he tried the library and it worked just fine. He told me that we could go that way and finish our charting the next day. So I nodded and packed my bag and went home.

The morning arrived and I installed the libraries he had told me before. The name is react-native-pathjs-charts. After installing via terminal, I realized that the this thing was related to react-native-svg and not a moment later I also installed it. After that, I linked them. The instruction regarding how to set this up is available on the website.

$ npm install react-native-pathjs-charts --save
$ npm install react-native-svg --save
$ react-native link react-native-svg

After that, I got an error which wasn’t there when my friend tried the sample with it. After browsing around, I found that this issue had been found and posted on Github. It said that I needed to change some lines of code in a file because the package name had been changed. So I did. It didn’t work.

After an hour or two reading the website carefully, I realized that we might have different version of libraries. So I asked my friend which version he had used the day before. he didn’t know so he went back online and searched for possible version. After he gave me the numbers, I removed the existing libraries and re-installed them using their corresponding version.

$ npm remove react-native-pathjs-charts
$ npm remove react-native-svg

He said the version for svg was 5.1.3 and chart was 0.0.26. So I proceeded with the numbers.

$ npm install react-native-pathjs-charts@0.0.26 --save
$ npm install react-native-svg@5.1.3 --save
$ react-native link react-native-svg

I also cleared the cache, just in case. After that, I put back the sample charting code and run the project again.

$ react-native run-android

And it worked since I got the same result as my friend did the day before. After that we continued our work a bit more happier. Only a bit.

Love Exists

Love is you. Because it has no reason.


Maybe, what you have been perceiving all along is wrong. Everything you have been sensing is just inside your head. All that you have done until now is based solely on baseless interpretation. So, instead of attending gathering about things you said you would happily contribute, why not watching the birds in the park? It might help you clear your head and distinguish which ones are real and which ones aren’t.

Wake up, Kid. You have missed all the fun.

False Life

False life is an interesting concept in which everything can be engineered from the ground from using happiness and chemistry as foundations, hopes as the pillars, and dreams as the roof. It’s just simple. Instead of having those life just inside the head, sharing the same thing with some people will surely expand the possibilities.

It’s only common that people who have already acquired the reality choose the dream. Because it’s full of possibilities and adventures thus more interesting to walk upon. The voice, mostly, says that lie isn’t a virtue but for some, the idea is really tempting. It creates a behaviour with which a man’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore and some people choose to embrace, if not totally, partially.

While the words are all about rejection, the gesture, however, is more clearly stating that should one be willing to live this lie, the other might just flinch and risk it together. (from here with several editing)

That, however, goes with a lot of consequences. Being in secret means having to cover lies with other lies. Keeping track all the lies one has created requires tremendous amount of brain works. It’s really hard. Do you really want those things that can only happen for a brief moment or are brave enough to face the reality full with hardships but everlasting memory and reward?


Descending Thunder

We talked a lot about the rain, didn’t we? Which area was getting showered lightly and which wasn’t?

I thought so but there was something more than that. Things I could never comprehend.

He turned his back to see the horizon. Someone had created a thunder clap. Something was getting closer. Lightning seemed to have a party at lower plains. The shower was getting heavier and it would surely disturb how well your eyes could see.

Do you see anything? The rain is obscuring my sight.

Maybe you should learn how to see without your eyes. And, yes. There is something. Thunder clap wouldn’t happened without someone making it. I’ll see you around. And, if you see that kid again, tell him go follow me, would you?

A second later he descended down the cliff to the hills and vanished.

Hey, Kid. He’s asking for you. Where have you been? Dead?

Sorry, dude. Stomach problem. You really can’t see anything, can you?

Quit joking. Of course I can. Why do you think I have already made a barrier even before you two showed up?

Yeah, yeah. Tell the village we love them, would you? Later.

And then the Kid also vanished. The rain was getting even heavier that you wouldn’t be able to see in five meters. The sound of thunder was deafening. It was louder than usual. Something was truly happening and he couldn’t sense anything completely. He wondered if the barrier was strong enough to hold such a massive atmospheric phenomenon.


img_20170305_180622_processedWe gather our memory in our belongings. Ranging from simple jewellery to books, from audio recordings to videos of our memorable years, as we grow older, we see that our future become less and our past has become even longer. Our minds might not be able to recall all things but a note might be a powerful trigger to regale the old winds.

An Index, if one might say, contains everything from certain checkpoint to latest occasions. It holds all primary keys to unlock any moment you desire to relive inside your head. It functions as a main stimulant to fire your neurons into pathways you have experienced before and let your hypothalamus gland secretes a dopamine with which you might feel happy and relaxed for a moment.

After all, those memories are what you hold so dear, aren’t they? Which make you able to move forward and have a place to go back if necessary?