Devil May Cry’s theme songs never cease to amaze me. You might look the music video by yourself. By the way, when will this game come out?



Different Configuration

Have you ever wondered why, well of course you do. That’s what you do for living anyway. You develop one prototype and deploy it on your specially configure machine. Once it’s done and ready for audience, you carry out your prototype on another machine which you configure the same way with your private machine. Certain thing goes wrong surely but it’s nothing because you know what to do.

Different case is that the prototype is now no longer prototype. It’s a working instance used for production set on online and real time machine. People are now interacting with your work and to put it on sleep is not an option. You are tasked to make a small changes and you do it assuming the work and environment on which you deploy are still the same.

Sadly, they are not and now you are screwed. The work you have done diligently is now working no more. You suspect of change in environment but after examining the machine, you are not so sure. You begin asking yourself if you have done something wrong.

Project Update

Sometimes it fixes many problem, sometimes it fixes some and creates some, and if you are not lucky, it creates a whole new set of problem. Compatibility issue is the most likely problem to happen. That’s why people like to delay update and after too long you realize that your components are already far behind and doing update will probably generate only problem instead. Then you decide to run it anyway. If that’s the case, then please pray.

And since this is not your original work, you don’t know what components are there and what are their function. Now you’re looking at terminal and wonder if you really need all of those.


Once you thought that you needed everything; Thick books, best-selling novels, complete colored pencils, big screen TV, and more. The older you get the fewer things you need. Even at work.

Once I thought high-end machine would suffice my needs but then I realized it doesn’t. One would gradually understand their needs and thus make even more careful plan of purchasing. Why spending money on something unnecessary?

Requirement is a tricky question and your answer only refines with age. Getting old doesn’t simply getting wiser but experience accumulates with age. That’s for sure.

Fresh Ideas

Daily Prompts has become a place to which I come when inspiration runs dry and it has been dry since the beginning of this year. It’s sad to see that no more new word published on the website to set me back on writing course.

What they said on the website is true. You can always find inspirational word from the archive. it must have been huge to have catalogued prompts for so long. While it’s true that archive has contained a lot of word, life should have even more. While routine provide a canvas for you to draw, interaction gives you color with which you can color your canvas, make patterns, and realize that how peculiar your life is.

Maybe, the absence of Daily Prompt could, at least, force me to go around the road again; to encourage myself to get better gear, better reading list, and thus produce better writings. Be it imaginary or non-fiction, life is a realization between the two.

So long, partner. Thank you for having provided me fresh idea to write all this time.


Because a journey is everyone’s destiny. Enjoy.

This song is not mine. Credit belongs to the artist.

Ruinous Atmosphere

Just like shattered mirror would show it’s cracks, broken self would also bear scars. Shattered mirror, even after you put the pieces together, won’t give you single perfect reflection but smaller images instead. Broken self might never be as same as the original but it has richer experience than before.

While ruinous atmosphere brings about discomfort and changes. But it has the eye on which you can sit and watch the whole thing from different perspective. That’s why the best spot of watching the storm is on the center, on the eye. To sit and watch how different gentle, harmless winds form a single chaotic current and brings about destruction, will there any better experience?

Instead of cursing the pieces, why not try forming them into single puzzle and see if it becomes something new. Not all broken things is broken. They might just begin to evolve into something more.

An attempt to respond to Broken.