Secret? What secret? | Daily Prompt: Evasive Action

What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

Well, there are secrets I have been keeping for a while and I plan to do this until forever, o-snap!

The problem, which I consider to be not a problem, is that I am forgetful person so when ever I agree to listen to other people’s stories of secrets, within one or two minutes I spontaneously forget them all. Next, how do secrets ever come out? Well, let me ask you this, what truth?

Since I’m almost easy to forget secrets, if I had to tell other people about secrets I have been keeping, would it mostly be lies? But there is a chance that secret would be opened unintentionally by me and this is a danger. For me this chance has never come until this time so I have no worries.

So, what are my secrets? Well, what secrets?


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my purpose | Daily Prompt: Personal Space

To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it? – Daily Prompt: Personal Space.

To be honest, I have no desire to write what people like or what most people like. I find my blog as a map and collection of my ideas, stories, and thoughts. If I just follow what people like and write their things, who am I then? Another man’s writer?

That is a big no. Everything I wrote is reflections of my mind. Stupidity, misplaced letters and words, bad grammar, they are of what I call my journey. Journey to understand, to learn how to write, and how to read. Back then when I started this blog,  I wrote everything inside my mind and of course they were imaginary, childish, and even boring things but I don’t care. By blogging, I could find how to present my imaginary tales and boring ideas in any other ways. Any ways which bring interest of other blogger.

I do realize my blog isn’t popular or has what most people like to read so I try to add more writings here beside my ramblings such as beginner/amateur photography, answering daily prompt, and I also try to communicate with other blogger even that is just by using comment section at their blogs. By doing these things I wish I can make other bloggers want to come here even just for reading what’s on about page. This is how I balance my own self expression and site to attract readers.

I, until this day this time this post is committed, have no desire to write anything I dislike. I am not centralized to write about specified topics. I write almost about anything from imaginary ones to reality events. So, even if there is one topic which will surely attract more readers, if that topic is my kind of topic, I will definitely write something or two about it and if I dislike it, I won’t write. I also will write something else beside that topic. By doing this, I wish my blog can contain multiple types and topics.

In the end, I am certain that for everyone there is at least one thing about them that will attract other people to come to him/her. So, instead of being labored by writing other people’s topics or interests, why don’t we explore ourselves about what we have that the other people will love to read if we write about that? Exploring ourselves, n my view, is a sure thing to lead us to understand ourselves better so improving our competencies will be easier and funnier than ever.

Well, all of the above is purely my opinion and if there is anything, please don’t be hesitate to write your view about it in comment section below.


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Afternoon – 2

Another afternoon walking.


the afternoon sky


the building


the same building with reduced distance


what was on the floor

Same sky, different angles, and these pictures were the result of my afternoon walking.

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Rain Op – 2

His right sleeve was burned and fire was dancing in the grip of his right hand. His avatar changed into demonic statue with blur presence. His name was known by few people but they had really no clue about him. He was standing alone for a while watching how messed up his place was back then. Behind him there were people who hated him. People who always were looking down upon him with whisper of hate. As his body began to root with fire his mind turned on reflections of his actions lately. As his eyes watching his fallen betrayer his mind demanded answer.

To whom am I doing these?

These weren’t meant to be answered, he thought. He figured as his right hand began to transform into burning iron that he had no clue for standing between Death and his people which he used to call friends. His body was then unrecognized by his own kind and burning hand wasn’t normal for human. He took a minor step back and lowering his gaze to his hand.

Is this the right thing to stand between what has been lined for eons?

Death knew him as an old friend. Death offered him his own hand and said,

Come or be gone, I come for what has been my duty since before your time.

He looked upon the Death whom was standing idly in front of him. Destiny was blocked by his own hand. He remembered how his people forgot him for reasons as he kept on remaining himself about keeping them safe. His avatar faded and his right hand became normal once again. The heat from his right hand turned the raindrops into a thin layer steam merging with the smoke of the dead. He turned his sight to people behind him. People who were called friend stood in shock finding not being human.

I’m not human nor demon nor angel. I’m not an offspring of the two or of them all. I’m not a God himself.

He walked to the mist created by the steams and smokes on the battlefield and vanished into the unknown of afternoon. The day of happiness turned into the day of darkness. He left the scene and never came back. His legacy in town was sealed and never found as if he indeed never existed in the first place. His right hand started to cool down and after the temperature was normal he put on his old coat.

He left the shattered earth on ruins of the living. He left his trust of things he remembered. He left the scene badly wounded and with heavy internal bleeding which the dead would gladly presume he would join them sooner. Among his former an so-called friends there was no one survived. Death claimed them all in one swing of its swift and painless scythe.

He walked with mourn of nothing.

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how I start and end my time | Daily Prompt: Your Time to Shine

Am I an early bird or night owl?

I hardly distinguish one from another. I define early bird as bird that wakes up earl before the sun rises and night owl as an normal owl that hunts it prey after the night falls. My regular daily activities are usually begun after the sun comes up but these activities have nothing to do about how I start and and my time.

There are times where I had to wake up before the sun came up and also when I was able to sleep two or three hours before the sun rose. In short, sometimes I am an early bird, in other times I am a night owl, and in any other times I am both.

Which one is more effective and refreshing?

That depends on my sleeping.  There are times when I had to sleep less than two hours and my freshness was good, sometimes it was even more than just good and there also are times when I slept for more than six hours and I felt weak and still sleepy.

What I am currently planning is that I can be an early bird. Why? I don’t know. I just feel that is the right way for my body metabolism. I feel more comfortable when I wake up early than go to sleep late. Maybe because I like to see the sunrise?


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Meeting the stranger | Daily Prompt: Stranger

Talk about stranger, I met one one week ago. Let me describe the place, time, and the weather first before telling you about the stranger and the meeting occasion. They are so clear to as if this happened just yesterday.


I was in short open corridor with blue cellars. There were few florescent light above and they lighted my way to the end of the corridor. The floor was a bit rocky but it was not really ‘rocky’. The floor was made from mixture between cement and small stones. The corridor had no walls and breeze cold come and go anytime anywhere it wanted.


It was night and the time was about eight more or less – I don’t know if 20.00 hrs is considered night or afternoon but in this case, let use night preference – in the night.


It was one cold and wet night. Rain hadn’t stopped from the afternoon and the drops were light but continuously. Sky was dark with no moon’s presence detected. Black clouds were above my head like I was wearing black shrouds.

Then, about the occasion.

I was in the end of corridor realizing the rain had gone heavier. I stopped for a while and opened my bag taking out my umbrella. When I was preparing my protector of the rain, there was this girl passing by on the street on front of my with her umbrella. It was dark so I couldn’t distinguish the color of her umbrella, was it black, dark red, dark blue, or else? I didn’t know. She then stopped and starring at me who was trying to open my jamming umbrella.

She said,

Hey, …, it’s me.

I was like surprised and took a look around and I saw no one else around me. That meant she was talking to me but I didn’t recognize her face or her voice. It was beautiful tough. After a few awkward minutes she said,

Ah, never mind ….

She continued walking under the rain. I forced my umbrella to open and it worked. I fastened my steps onto her and said something which started a short conversation and we walked together for a while,

Sorry, was there something back then?

Oh, never mind. I mistook you for someone else. That’s stupid. Sorry.

It’s fine. So, there is indeed someone else who has resemblance with me.

Yeah, I thought you were my friend’s boyfriends. You two share the same look.

Well, there are always people who look like the other, I guess. Where are you living?

She said that she lived in the same street as I was but my place was a bit further north. Our conversation finished when she met her friend on the way. I continued lightly after realizing she wouldn’t take brief talking with her friend so I decided to move along alone.

I never got to learn her name or address or even phone number or email. I am still wondering if I may meet her again someday under the rain. Well, that’s one kind of hope.

Good day.


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People | Daily Prompt: Critical Eye

This post is written to respond this daily prompt.

Since I am living in the middle of community which consist of people, I should worry about them generally. Why? These are why.

First, most of them can easily throw away their junks in public transportation such as bus or train. I don’t know their motives of doing this. Is that maybe, because cleaning services are available? Or because they are so lazy to save their junks until they find proper trash bin?

Second, I rarely find clean places without cleaning service even in my campus. If you reader don’t know about my campus, this is one of many reason I hate people in here: after the other class finished, when I enter the room, I always find junks everywhere on the floor such as empty bottle of drink, plastic bag of food or something, used papers, even crumbs. These junks are commonly found under seats at the back.

Third, riverbank. This stupidity involves at least two parties: government, especially local government and the community. What is this stupidity? They don’t keep the riverbank and the river itself clean and working properly. It is only rare that I can find clean water in the river without plastic junks. It is also rare that I can find fishes swimming peacefully in the river.

Fourth, forest. This madness also is made by the same two parties. They cut down trees in the higher plains and mountains and convert the land into something they say more valuable or more economically precious and they are: hotels, touring route, and any other place for fun. NATURE ISN’T ONLY FOR FUN! Well, yeah they say that they will replant the trees but I hear and I see that is just mostly bullsh*t. How do I prove that? Simple, there are some areas which are lower areas and never get caught by flood for many long years until this year. For more than 30 years they have never gotten caught in the flood and yet this year they are crying for help. Jakarta? that’s the worst of all places but it’s the capital of the country with the biggest money circulation in this country, they said about 70%, so I force myself to give some respects.

Fifth, education. I can’t say I am the best of all educated person nor my school is the best. What I hate is that students whom come from good and well facilitated school do protest against government about national examination. They said that was because this exams were not meant to be taken by students from the rimlands because they didn’t have the same quality as theirs. Oh, come on. If you have the quality why don’t you take the exams fairly, graduate and become the leader of this country so their fate can be better under your governing period?

Sixth, injustice. Well, I don’t have to explain any further about this. If I do, my head then will explode in anger.

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