The author is a normal male wearing glasses and sipping a cup of tea in early morning before sun shines, or milk, or just water.

He is a simple creature that tends to wander if not lost. He has written his blog since he was in college. He mostly writes about people’s chatter and behavior, imaginary things, answering daily prompt, or simply images he possesses.

He holds a bachelor degree in Informatics but this blog does not reflect that much. He has shown interest in linguistics and learning foreign language since long ago. Currently, He is also dwelling in system modelling works but again this blog does not bear any witness to such activity. Beside of works, he loves to take pictures as well.

He can be reached at roadflame@gmail.com for general affairs, including this blog-related matters. He sometimes posts short messages on his account, @anwari32 on Twitter or pictures on his account.


3 thoughts on “About

    1. masih ada tapi private, itu buat main-main sekarang.
      saya bayangin situ ngomong “Bagus2…” sambil ngelus rambut di dagu lagi, itu sangat khas. terima kasih sudah mampir.


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