Black Present

If present is a gift then shouldn’t you feel happy? Wouldn’t you enjoy the gift prepared for you?

One would, yes. I would. That, however, is something of rare privilege. Only those, who have been blessed, might have such joy.


Casual Gaming Entry #3

Still on Guild Wars 2 and now is the time for a character.


The character is an Asura, a race which is the most clever of all races in Tyria. One of a few special abilities of this race is summoning golem to join the fight, which is why I chose this race. Asura is the tiniest race but it’s interesting. For example, Asura has different moves while carrying two handed melee weapons compared to other races.

The profession is Necromancer with Reaper specialization. I love warrior with greatsword but not with heavy armor. I like those of robes and robes, or light armor, are associated with either Elementalist (some kind of wizard with Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth mastery), Mesmer (an magician with specialization in illusion), or Necromancer (those who deals with death and corpse). All of three profession do not get to hold greatsword but with Reaper specialization, Necromancer does and that’s why I chose this one. Also, the ultimate skill of Reaper is so cool. It turns into Grim Reaper itself, capable of reaping the life of enemies just to sustain itself for a time period.

Care to guess which one is my character from the picture?


Casual Gaming Entry #2

Still from Guild Wars 2, I haven’t really tried any game new. I have attended open beta for The Division 2 and later played The Division because I haven’t bought The Division 2 copy. Actually, I am now in the middle of trying Torchlight: Frontier. It’s like Diablo but lighter and free. Pretty much why I play it. It’s now still in alpha version so bugs or sudden crashes are to be expected. I’ll see if I can make a proper writing about this game. Let me get back to Guild Wars 2.


So, Tangled Depths is map from Heart of Thorn expansion. Guild Wars 2 itself is free but it doesn’t include the expansions so I bought two major expansions: Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. I have completed the original game story line and Heart of Thorns but still couldn’t conquer the map. Guild Wards 2 is a game which really encourages player to explore, sometimes repeatedly. This is required to level up your character and gather resource to craft new powerful item. These items, or gears, are very useful to roaming around the Heart of Thorns’ maps. Leveling up your character will enable you to unlock new territories which you can’t do before because there are requirements you haven’t met. Therefore, new resource to gather and new potential achievement for your character.

Will I be able to conquer the map? I don’t know. I still enjoy roaming around while sometimes going on suicidal attack on gigantic, strong monster only sometimes to be helped from some strangers with better gear, or dead alone. Anyway, this is a MMORPG, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. So, it’s always better to play with friends or some helpful stranger than soloing just about everything.

Tech Rant

Being formally educated and trained as engineer (well, software engineer is still an engineer, isn’t it?) doesn’t sound as awesome as it does. Career in this field doesn’t always require you to have degree in computer science or related major to enter the IT-related workforce. Nowadays, even those who come from social science can do pretty much everything. This makes me wondering whether I am still useful or not, or even worse, worth enough to be kept as an employee in some companies.

Basically, everything can be found online. Web development? You’ve got it. Mobile application? There are plenty tutorials out there. Game development? Pretty sure those who come from visual or graphic design school can make better and more interesting games than those software engineer. Can’t blame ya, those people’s visual works are dope. i.e. one of my former classmate, who has amazing natural drawing skill, has graduated from economic school and now is working as frontend developer for a seemed-to-be start-up company in town.

So, does a degree in IT seem nothing much now?

Honestly, I don’t find myself as someone passionate. While friends of mine are writing in tech articles, or working in unicorn start-up company, I still find myself reading Japanese history from Edo to Showa era while trying my best to focus on the book rather thinking about some unsolved problems written in some codes written by work colleagues who rarely pay attention to specification. Instead of presenting a tech talk in some extravagant stages in some prestigious country, I sit quietly in the corner of the room, any room, just to read some articles from Russia Beyond on my phone and pondering upon some food recipes and pronouncing difficult Russian words I don’t know.

This writing begs for a question, a sharp one to be exact. If it is I who doesn’t have talent, vision, passion, or even dream in IT world, then why bother writing this passage? Well, I, for one, love to write just about anything. So, why not ranting here?


Why do you value only when losing?

Why, indeed?

Human is definitely a curious species.


Did you really get jealous back then?

How’s that?

When I asked your colleague instead of asking you when you were there?

How’s that relevant?

Just curious.

Your prejudice is your own making and I have nothing to blame.


And now, you know the answer.


After several hours of being puzzled of how to run Odoo on Windows because of PIL module, how hard could the idea of reinstalling Pillow be?

$ pip3 uninstall Pillow
$ pip3 install Pillow
$ python odoo-bin

There you go, the server is running and you’ve got another issue coming in from running installation. Thanks people on Github.