Odoo 10 Development – Missing Libraries

Here we go with missing packages. I know that using Windows for Odoo development is bit unusual because most of developers use Linux/UNIX instead of Windows. But then again since my current work is carried out mainly in Windows environment, I give it a go (my Linux setup is in virtual machine and I haven't … Continue reading Odoo 10 Development – Missing Libraries

The Division 2

I have got a digital copy of this game and been playing for thirteen hours or so. I think I have just found another "topic" to write here. I do feel interested in recording or streaming the game play and put them on YouTube just like other people. I still play the first game, The … Continue reading The Division 2


I've always thought that beastmaster is a cool character. Don't imagine beastmaster as in beastmaster in Teen Titans. No. Beastmaster is one who has befriended wild beasts, not tamed; one who lives on the wild, sleeps on earth with sky as roof. Always on the path, visiting town after town, and never settle are how … Continue reading Beastmaster

Odoo 10 Development – Dual Boot Vs. VM

After OSes are chosen, it comes to how you want to install it (them). There are two ways, by which you might install your OS: install it like you would in normal drive, or use VM (Virtual Machine). I chose the latter. Installing OS conventionally would require me to setup a portion of my storage … Continue reading Odoo 10 Development – Dual Boot Vs. VM

Odoo 10 Development – OS Choice

I have been using Windows ever since I got my hands on PC and I know my way around this system better than any other OSes. So, when someone offered my a chance to do Odoo development, I did my best setting my Windows PC and laptop to do just that. It was difficult than … Continue reading Odoo 10 Development – OS Choice

Odoo 10 Development – Missing Software

I thought installing Odoo 10 would only be difficult in Windows. But it turned out, it was also complicated in Linux, especially Debian. Debian is famous for its solid and bug-free release. But it comes with a price: the packages are mostly old. For example, Odoo 10 documentation requires me to setup my machine with … Continue reading Odoo 10 Development – Missing Software

Casual Gaming Entry #4 GRB

Stands for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. I registered myself as one of those beta testers and here we go. It's a marvelous game with marvelous experience. But, only those who have a sufficient gaming machine can play the game smoothly. And I am not one of those lucky people. So, here what I thought about GRB. … Continue reading Casual Gaming Entry #4 GRB


I ordered a lemon and soda with honey and ice. I chose a table near the window allowing me to see the winter terrain. The room was spacious and empty, obviously, since not many took their drink in afternoon. After taking several sips, I gazed upon the distance and view the hall offered. I let … Continue reading Ghost


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqmjAKQzKKU I think my heart got lost, so tell me if you find it.

Black Present

If present is a gift then shouldn't you feel happy? Wouldn't you enjoy the gift prepared for you? One would, yes. I would. That, however, is something of rare privilege. Only those, who have been blessed, might have such joy.